Ramon Llull Lodge No. 9

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Mission Statement

To revive hope in the power of belief for children and adults alike by leading by example and proving anything is possible. “Glory seldom comes to those who dream of it, to fewer still who don't.” Let's work together and give hope to all.

What is an Ultra-Marathon?

An ultra-marathon is an event in which participants travel a distance greater than 50 km whilst using various running and walking strategies. Given the distances are so long it is quiet common to walk up the large hills and then continue running again when at the top of it. Another strategy is to utilize Run/Walk splits. For instance, running for 15-20 minutes and then walk for 1 minute and continue this cycle for the entire event. The most important aspect of completing an ultra-marathon is to keep your body and feet moving forward no matter how much you want to stop. That being said, training, nutrition and planning are also crucial for success in an ultra-marathon.

Hello, my name is Darren Dunlop and I am a new resident here in Mallorca alongside my wife Julie and two boys Stefen & Jonathan. We moved here from Toronto, Canada in August 2008 in search of better weather and better quality of life. As a new resident in a foreign country I can't help but want to show my appreciation for my new home by giving to the children of my new home. Children are our world. Without them we don't have a future.

That being said, I am a Freemason from Ramon Llull lodge #9 in Mallorca and we are collaborating with Fundacio Respiralia in organizing the most spectacular charity fundraiser of the year. We will be donating all of our proceeds to Fundacio Respiralia which helps facilitate the needed care & resources for children with Cystic Fibrosis. These children are not going to reach their life expectancy. They may see 35 if they are lucky. The treatment and ongoing care that Respiralia give to their patients allow them to live as comfortably as they can for as long as they can. In life we often ask if we can really make a difference but I am here to tell you that you can.

Please become a Sponsor of our event and we can start making a difference today.


For more information please contact info@rl9.org or call Darren on 616 264 318