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  • It is a genetic illness that affects all the body’s organs that produce secretions. These secretions are very thick and sticky and grab onto the walls of the organs, which make them difficult to get rid of. Once they are embedded they create an infection, which gradually deteriorate the different functions affected, (respiration, digestion and reproduction) until the organs are destroyed. It has no cure.
  • The symptoms: Salty sweat, difficulty in absorbing nutrients in food (related to pancreas), continuous lung infections (pneumonias, bronchitis etc), slow growth as a child and male sterility as a consequence of the illness. Also diabetes, liver issues, problems with development of bones, spine problems, etc., as indirect consequences of the illness.
  • Life expectancy: Advances are rapidly being made and in the last 10 years this has increased from 20 years to 35 to 40 years today.
  • Diagnosis: In the Balearic Islands, from the year 2000, doctors know if new born babies are affected of Cystic Fibrosis with the neonatal screening test, so now they are diagnosed from the first month of life. For children born before 2000, the diagnosis will depend on the doctors’ capabilities to associate the symptoms with CF.
  • Treatments: Chest therapy, good nutrition, inhalers, antibiotics (via mouth and intravenous), pancreatic enzymes, food vitamin supplements and finally organ transplants (principally lungs and pancreas.) Another useful thing is sport, lots of it aerobic and more importantly swimming.


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