Ramon Llull Lodge No. 9

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In Case of Accident or Injury

Our Support team will be equipped with crutches as well as a wheelchair. Should something happen where I can't run or walk, I will use the crutches or wheelchair to complete the distance.

A little personal history... When I was a teenager I was lacking in self confidence and personal power and didn't know how to feel good. When I was 16, my Mother purchased a membership at the gym for me. I started lifting weights and after some time and then some more time, I started seeing a difference. It really empowered me to continue. As I got stronger and more muscular, I realized that I could really make changes, personal ones. It was just up to me to decide.

The Body FitWhen my life changed for good, it was 1998. I participated in a body transformation before and after contest and I was able to make such enormous changes in only 12 weeks. I lost 15 kg of fat and built 4.5kg of muscle. I had a plan and I followed it. From that point, I realized that I had personal power and anything can be achieved. (See Photo)

At 24, still in good shape, I decided to put myself to the test. Up until then most of my training comprised of strength training and short cardiovascular sessions. I wanted to prove that general athleticism combined with the will and desire to succeed and conquer would allow me to run my first marathon (42.2k) without any long distance training at all. Wow, did my body ever take a punishment and yes there were times that I thought about quitting but I didn't. I persevered although I paid physically for not training for the race. Anything is possible but first we must believe “We can”.

I have run in 5 official marathons and 4 unofficial ultra marathons but on September 26, 2009 I will complete an ultra-marathon which will be approximately 70km across the island of Mallorca from Puerto D'Alcudia to Palma. This will be my longest ultra-marathon yet which should prove to be a challenge but I look forward to the physical and mental pain because when you accomplish your goal, the reward is far greater than any pain along the way. The most important thing, is not to give up. Once you give up, the game is over immediately.
I am fortunate to call Mallorca my new home and I am most fortunate to be blessed with good health. These kids need all of the support we can give them so let’s give it to them!!!

Our Goal is to raise enough money for Respiralia and really make a difference!!! We won't be stopped!!! Join the Force!!!


For more information please contact info@rl9.org or call Darren on 616 264 318